Funding Preparation and Placement Service for Green and Alternative Energy Projects

If you have a Green or Alternative Energy project that requires funding I can help. Most innovative creators have the talent, experience and talent to develop the technology, plan their project and know how they want to market it. They have usually done most of their homework in these areas.

Financing is in a different arena. It takes experience in finance to know what the lender is looking for. Most innovators, and creators of any project make some very simple mistakes when seeking finance. Often they try and “get by” with a minimum request for investment and promise the Moon. This is the farthest scenario that genuine lenders look for. First of all, My four lenders are not interested in “buy-low-sell-high” deals. They are looking for a well thought out business plan, an adequate amount of money in the request to actually make sure it has the necessary funding to survive with a substantial contingency to insure that there will be money to perpetuate the project in the event of unforeseen events that often present themselves during project development. The return or ROI to the lender is pre-determined in the financial contract. In most if not all cases they are not looking to be a participant in the venture. They are looking for the best return they can get without undue risk. It is all numbers to them. In most cases they don’t care if you’re turning lead into gold. They just want the agreed upon return.

To prepare your project for my lenders requires that the equations be in the proper perspective. This takes time and experience and a good deal of mental focus-effort to make sure your project is ready to properly present to them.

I get $2,400 to review, analyze, due diligence on your technology or project to double check your findings and investigate comparable technologies and marketing approach, develop an executive summary if needed and make recommendations where needed and finally to place your deal with my four lenders. In short I have to become your shadow partner for about a week to ten days. I also get 2% of the gross investment when it funds. I like to work on projects that require a minimum of $500k through $500M.There are some cases where the initial money required will be more that $2,400 depending on the scope and requirements needed to prepare your project. For example, if you are seeking a very large amount and you have little or no preparation done on your own it will probably be more, depending on the situation. There have been cases where the initial payment is less than $2,400 if little is required from me. I’m a person not a machine and in certain situations I may be interested in project participation.

I have a strong back round in medical device-sciences development for new technologies. I worked for one on the world’s wealthiest men from 1983 -1993 as an associate on a medical device project but witnessed many very large deals that he was involved with. He had the money and taught me what the money actually looks at. The truth. The homework must be done, the facts need to be related with absolute honesty and the seeker of funds must be fiercely dedicated to his project and willing to do or pay whatever is necessary to get the project ready for finance. Simple but effective.

My four lenders are very credible, are interested in your project if its Green or Alternative Energy based. One of the four may require an additional fee as he has dozens of lenders and he has to do work to get the package to all of them. The other three do not require any additional fees.

There is  no guarantee that your project will fund. Project funding depends on the integrity, attractiveness of concept, the stage of development, the preparation that you and I have done, and its value to the world. If I talk to you on the phone for as long as it takes to understand your project completely and I don’t think it has merit or a reasonable chance to fund I won’t take your money. I am not just a loan placement service for a fee. I get involved in the presentation as well as the overall project. I enjoy learning about new technologies and exploring the possibilities

In addition to arranging funding for you I specialize and enjoy trying to get your project done without debt or losing ownership or control!

Venture Capitalists are brutal!

Most project developers have their eye on getting money from a group not realizing that they will no longer own their company and in many cases they may lose control. I offer the ability to explore other means of getting you the money you seek which may not involve borrowing. In many, not all, cases there are other ways to get your product-technology on-stream without  losing ownership of the rights associated with your project. I specialize in Licensing Agreements, Limited Partnerships, Private Label agreements and outright sales to a more qualified groups that have the resources and existing distribution. These types of alternative approaches offer more security to the project as often the seeker of funding has little or no experience in the fields needed to insure success. Many seekers have never managed $Millions of dollars, initiated mass marketing or have experience in the overall management of a large project. If I develop a non-debt scenario and I generate the money for you without creating debt, i get 15% of the revenue I earn you and the retainer which may be more if you approve my approach and it requires a lot more time to complete the effort. While not ignoring standard funding, I prefer to explore all  of the other possibilities before I get you and your project in debt.

I like to work 12-16 hours a day when I’m motivated by an interesting potentially lucrative venture. If we get involved and my four lenders do not want to lend on your project you will be in a much better position to approach other lenders-investors as a result of our mutual efforts to get your project ready to fund.

Dean Metzger

831 776 2527


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